Destination wedding photographer / videographer husband and wife team based in Utah and Hawaii - traveling worldwide. 

If you are wanting the boring, fake candid type of photos+videos, then you're probably in the wrong place. 

Keep reading if you are on the hunt for a cinematic, documentary and timeless photography experience.  We got you, girl. 

Or so captivated by a memory that you wanted to slow it down or even rewind it backwards? 

These memories deserve to be kept sacred and close to your heart whenever you are missing the way you felt when you first lived through them. 

And we want to give you the gift of slowing down. The gift of pressing pause. The gift of rewinding. The gift of FEELING every time you look back on your wedding photos and press play on your wedding video. 

let's do this!

Have you ever been so in love with a season of your life that you wish you could just press pause on the moment?

Calling all the travel obsessed explorers looking to have the wedding of their dreams in a bucket list location. It’s not a pipe dream. Let’s make it happen. 

We are so freakin blessed to be able to travel and tell love stories through our camera lenses. COOLEST JOB EVER AHH! But something we love more than even that, is people. We loooveee meeting new people, hearing the things that light them up, that shake their core and that give them LIFE! We are all for every single one of your crazy stories, and we don’t want to just be your wedding vendors - but your friends. AND WE MEAN IT! We believe that in order to document your story well, we have to know it. And that really is our goal. To hear you and to see you so that we can tell your story in your own unique way. 

Hey Hey! We are Cescily and Garrett, and we are SO glad you are here.

We are a destination wedding photographer / videographer husband and wife team based in Utah and Hawaii and traveling worldwide!

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Here to get the BIG shots and the small ones, too.

That moment you are tearing up the dance floor with your bridesmaids and your man is looking at you like you are GOLD. Click. Or when you are walking down the aisle and your mom is wiping the happiest tears from her eyes. Click. What about that reunion you had with your old childhood best friend that you thought no-one noticed? Click. 


From the beginning of your engagement session all the way to the moment you drive away with your new husband/wife at the end of your wedding reception. Oh but, you’re not photogenic? Let us prove you wrong. Our goal is to make you feel and look like the most stunning thing to ever walk this Earth because YOU ARE.

Here to help you plan your DREAM wedding in the coolest place you can imagine

Whether you are getting married in your hometown, or in freaking Iceland - we won’t leave you to figure it out on your own. There is a lot that goes into planning a destination wedding, and we’re the kinda photo/video team that gives you everything we know, not holding back one bit when it comes to helping you plan the wedding of your dreams!  


Here to help you remember the “why” of your big day.

Your wedding day is symbolic of the beauty and grace of the marriage you are about to enter into. And THAT is something worth celebrating, and we want to celebrate by spoiling you and showering you with love EVERY chance we get. Our role is to cheer you on through EVERY twist and turn, documenting the beautiful story that has already been told. We hear you. We see you. We CAN’T WAIT to share your story. 

It’s not just about the photos, it’s about the entire experience surrounding them.

Okay real talk here, this is something that NOBODY is going to tell you when choosing your wedding photographer/videographer but it’s SO important so we’re just gonna say it. 

The connection and relationship you have with your wedding photographer/videographer can completely affect the way you feel when looking at your photos and videos, with that being said, it is SO important to choose someone who is going to LOVE the heck out of you, spoil you at EVERY opportunity and make you feel so seen, so heard, and so beautiful that you can’t help but be obsessed with your photos because you know that in them, you felt like you’re very best self.

What it’s like to be in front of our lens...

Our photo and video style is clean, true to color, emotive, passionate, connection based, real, and joyful. We focus on the connection and love that is already present, giving you poses and prompts that play off of the way you and your person naturally move and interact! Every one of our sessions and weddings look a little different and they should! No love story is the same, each one is unique, and you can trust us to document it that way. 

Sounds great! When can we get started?

You will receive images back to you that showcase your unique love and personalities.

Whether you have never had your photo taken before, or you're a seasoned model, we can PROMISE you that you will have SO much fun, we will laugh A TON, and you will feel so at ease and present behind the camera and sometimes you’ll even forget we are taking pictures, but just friends hanging out! 

We value your experience above all else ! We are here to give you not only the most stunning wedding/ elopement photos that capture your entire day perfectly, but to also give you the BEST experience that involves being completely present and in the moment on the best day of your life. From our very first phone call to your gallery delivery day, we will spoil you at every opportunity, love you with all we got, and truly do all we can to ensure you feel beautiful, seen, and heard!

You will feel confident, and you will feel like your very best self

You will receive an unbeatable experience

The process and experience working with us is a hands-on type of experience. 

 We can assure you that you aren’t going to sign a contract, pay a hefty deposit and not hear from us for a few months until your wedding day approaches. Nope, you ain’t gonna find that here! We are all about COMMUNICATION and answering your questions before you even ask them. 

From the very same day you sign your contract, you will receive so much love and excitement from us including a super long and detailed welcome email that goes over everthang you need to know. The rest of the process is similar, we aren’t going to leave you alone without making sure that you are completely taken care of, secure and feeling SO FREAKIN HAPPY TO MARRY THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!



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Man, have we got gold for you! Feeling lost when it comes to wedding planning? Don't worry girl, we got you.

Planning a wedding can be chaotic, crazy and stressful, but it can also be beautiful, exciting and so fun - We are here to help make it peaceful and happy! Your wedding day should be all about YOU and the marriage you are about to enter into. Go check out the blog for tips and tricks on how your wedding day can be stress free so that you can focus on what matters most - each other. 

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Cescily took care of all our wedding photos and they couldn’t have turned out better!

My wife summed it up perfectly the other day when she said that every time we look at our wedding photos, it feels like our wedding day all over again.

-Alex F.

Cescily is an amazing photographer!

She took our engagements, bridals and wedding photos. They turned out amazing with so many pictures to choose from! Cescily is super friendly and puts you right to ease when she takes your pictures. 10/10 would recommend!

- Sarah F.

Cescily was such a great photographer for us for all things wedding! 

Her wedding package was amazing and she’s so accommodating with schedules, it definitely fulfilled all our needs/wants. All our pictures came out gorgeous and she was such a fun gal to capture such important memories with. 1000/10 recommend Cescily because not only will you come back with amazing pictures, but you’ll feel amazing with all the laughs and genuine compliments she gives.

- Erin H.

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